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Zhi Xueyun

Zhi Xueyun Introduction

Zhi Xueyun is a leading service provider and an Internet platform for organizing users to learn online and move learning.

Knowledge learning cloud cover the organization's online learning, knowledge management, talent development, social interaction, it can help employees grow together with the company, help enterprise employees and partners for lower cost to establish a rapid, agile, high levels of satisfaction with the learning environment.

Zhi Xueyun's product design fully considers the application of diversified learning model, so that the training manager can easily through the knowledge of the cloud design to achieve different patterns of training projects.

Zhi Xueyun is not just a corporate learning tool, but also a tool for knowledge management, performance support, and social networking.
And, knowing cloud support users through the PC and mainstream mobile phones, Pad access. Through the computer and mobile terminal user data automatically synchronized to the cloud, to achieve a variety of users in the use of the scene under the seamless switch. Mobile learning can also be downloaded to the end of the learning content to reduce the consumption of mobile traffic.

Cloud products not only for the enterprise training department to provide electronic learning methods, but also to consider how to improve and improve the efficiency of trainer and manager of the work to become the simplified. Such as training department in order to meet the needs of digital management of business training and need many preparation of print form for students to fill in, and then entered into the system, learn the cloud through elaborate design in the mobile terminal, to make a lot of work by the student through the mobile phone self-help is finished and no paper training.

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